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Volunteers can share  skills and talents to  support STEM education in developing countries Volunteers play a key role in supporting STEM education, fundraising, administration.

We seek like-minded individuals who can contribute to this vision:

  • Other professionals are needed to help educate a talent base that will establish communities capable of attracting, educating, and producing the next generation of scientists and engineers. Teachers and students together can create tomorrow’s innovations for the betterment of all nations.
  • A community of dedicated individuals can increase the number of people studying and working in STEM fields. In addition to learning science and technology, students learning these disciplines can also develop stronger skills in problem solving, innovation, and teamwork.

For more information about volunteering, you can also call (617) 807-0258 or email info@benignantsteminnov.org.

If you would like to volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application form for consideration.

STEM Education Workshop in Guatemala