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Educating Women in STEM

STEM PROJECT (“The Young Eagle” STEM Workshop)

The Young Eagle project is very much aligned to BSI’s overall mission to inspire interest in young ones and to promote education in STEM fields around the globe. Benignant STEM Innovation recognizes the need for technological development in developing countries and also that science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education is a direct response to the realization that our future will be built on our capacity for innovation and invention and creating problem solving.

BSI hosts its “Young Eagle” project in developing nations to promote STEM education. “The Young Eagle” STEM workshop is where young participants will be provided with different types of hands-on experimental kits and receive instruction on how to create a high-tech product of some sort, such as a rocket and aircraft kits. The project is free for participants and its aim is to inspire technological development in developing countries.

Projects can run from one week to six months depending on the type of learning tools chosen, and can serve up to 20 students in a classroom in cooperation with their local schools. Each class has a number of STEM instructors to ensure that each student gets the individualized attention she or he needs. Projects can include using kits for building aircraft and rockets as multidisciplinary STEM learning tools. In addition, students will be encouraged to develop projects that solve real-world challenges in their home communities. At the end of the class, students will be given additional resources to learn and do more projects after the session ends. BSI will follow up with the students several weeks after the class to see what they’ve done with their learning and to encourage implementation of STEM programs at the school.

Significance of “The Young Eagle” STEM Workshop

Onyema B. Ajuogu, an aerospace engineer and the President and Founder of Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation, has explained that the “Young Eagle” STEM Workshop is about more than just doing hands-on projects. Rather, it is about inspiring developing nations to embrace change through technological development.

Moreover, the Workshop is important because it is a way for nations, especially in the developing world, to spur development and empower individuals through STEM projects. This project is about touching lives and inspiring nations towards positive change and genuine development.

Target Population

The project will specifically target secondary school-aged young women and men in developing countries who have the desire and potential to work with STEM-related projects.

For further information about the “The Young Eagle” STEM Workshop, or to volunteer or register your participation, contact us by calling (617) 807-0258 or email info@benignantsteminnov.org.