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Young Eagle Fellowships

The Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation (BSI) believes passionately in the power of young people in developing nations to change the world. Our aim is to inspire hope in young people in the developing world by providing them with educational resources needed to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). To accomplish this, BSI develops partnerships with universities, foundation, and philanthropists to create educational resources that these young people need to embark on careers in STEM-related fields.

Historically, nations that have educated their young people and emancipated and empowered their women have subsequently made great technological, economic, and social leaps forward. BSI Foundation believes that young people trained to be self-sufficient, hard-working, and skilled in scientific and technical fields can powerfully impact the fortunes of their home countries for the better. By increasing the sheer numbers of workers with vital STEM skills and training, a nation can more quickly move both culturally and economically into the 21st century. We are confident that one day the army of skilled and highly motivated students that BSI hopes to inspire and train will bring sweeping, positive changes to the nations of the developing world.

Project Description

“The Young Eagles Fellowship” Program seeks to fundamentally change the role and status of women in developing countries. BSI Foundation helps girls in developing countries connect with educational resources that provide access to advanced STEM education programs in the United States. This assistance includes tuition, room, and board for promising young women pursuing degrees in STEM fields at universities in the USA. Because education is such a powerful tool for change, the BSI Foundation has chosen the “ Young Eagle Fellowships” as a mechanism for addressing gender inequality and global poverty in developing nations. Recent studies have demonstrated that educating girls and women in developing countries has a positive effect on the economy of their communities and their nations as a whole.

Worldwide, girls who pursue education in STEM fields not only prosper but also contribute significantly to improvements in technology, infrastructure, health care, economic growth, and expanded educational opportunities when they return to their homelands after training.

This program intends to inspire the next generation of young women to work to become self-reliant, self-sufficient and self-sustaining. The Young Eagle’s Fellowship program is designed to inspire students with little hope for the future to achieve their new expanded hopes and dreams.

By encouraging and supporting intelligent young people, as they seek advanced training in STEM fields, BSI hopes to return to developing regions, a highly trained and competent workforce with the skills vital to their nations’ success on the world economic stage.

How can Female Students Apply to the “Young Eagle Fellowships” Project?

BSI partners with schools in developing nations and each school chose their program participants. Students will be chosen based on their academic merit as well as demonstration of financial need. We will require academic records, and some sort of proof of income or living situation. Students must also meet any university academic requirements for acceptance. Throughout implementation of the proposed activities our organization will continue to address the needs of our target communities, to brighten lives, and to assist in girls’ academic achievement.

Target Population

The Fellowship will specifically target young women from developing countries who have completed their secondary school education and who have the desire and potential to achieve advanced degrees in STEM-related fields.

For further information about the Young Eagle Fellowship, contact us by calling (617) 807-0258 or email : info@benignantsteminnov.org.