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The Benignant STEM Innovation (BSI) Foundation will be exhibiting at the USA Science and Engineering Festival on 16-17 April 2016 in Washington, DC. Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation will be holding a workshop directed at young women and girls to spark their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

The focus of the workshop at USA Science and Engineering Festival will be to conduct hands-on activities with young women and girls participating at the event. The activities are designed to help young women and girls learn and build model rocket. This will excite the participants and encourage them to become interested in STEM programs with the new hope of being engineers, scientists, etc. This will in turn reinforce the importance of involving women in STEM.

As an incentive to join the workshop, the participants will also be given a free copy of “Escape Velocity- Journey of Hope” (www.escapevelocity.live), which is the inspiring story of BSI founder, Onyema Ajuogu. The book tells the inspiring tale of her persistence, resilience, and hope in her struggle against a poverty-stricken childhood in Africa to becoming a STEM professional.

BSI hopes to make full use of the exciting platform and environment provided by the USA Science and Engineering Festival to advance the mission of the organization. The Foundation aims to inspire young women and to provide them with educational opportunities in STEM as they make almost half of the world’s population and workforce. Their knowledge in these subjects is pivotal to development in every nation.

The USA Science and Engineering Festival is a collaboration of over 1,000 of the nation’s leading science and engineering organizations with an expected attendance of 350K+ participants from around the country. This is an opportunity that will bring together teens, kids, and families together for a weekend filled with fun science activities that will stimulate their interest in STEM and answer basic and high-level scientific questions. The different organizations exhibiting at the Festival will explain scientific concepts through games, competitions and activities. BSI sees the Festival as a perfect venue for spreading its message of inspiration, education, and opportunity through STEM education.

About Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation:

Benignant STEM Innovation Foundation (BSI) is an innovative non-profit organization dedicated to promoting increased participation in post-secondary Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in developing nations and underserved groups in developed nations around the world. The mission is to inspire young people in developing nations and underserved groups in developed nations around the world to pursue careers in STEM. We see the future being built on people’s capacity to innovate, invent, and solve problems creatively.

Website : www.benignantsteminnov.org
Email: info@benignantsteminnov.org