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What do you like about STEM?

That’s the question I want to ask. I would love to talk to girls about the intellectual adventure, excitement, rewards and emotional satisfaction of a STEM career.

But that’s not where the world is at right now. We’re not ready for that question.

So instead, I have to ask:

Young Women and Girls, why don’t you want a STEM career?

Think of this post as a call for action. All I ask is that you reply below and tell me why you might not want to pursue STEM studies, especially if you live in a developing country.

What are the challenges? Please share your mind with us.

Speaking of “mind,” your reasons for avoiding STEM call tell you a lot about your assumptions, and indicate how to change ideas or negative stereotypes about yourself into positive, action-oriented thinking.

For example, maybe you think STEM isn’t feminine, or your friends won’t accept you as an engineer, or you can’t do it, or it’s boring.

Well, my life proves those ideas are false. If I can come from a village in one of the developing countries to obtain a degree in aerospace engineering, then you can have a successful career in STEM. And when you make a scientific discovery, or solve an engineering problem, you will feel the thrill of progress and accomplishment. I know, because I’ve lived it.
Yes, others can encourage you, the most important mindset is your own. In the end, the motivation and desire to excel in STEM must come from within. So please, let me know what’s happening inside you by replying to the question:

Benignant De Eagle foundation’s goal is to encourage girls in developing countries to realize their STEM potential. The foundation can help you achieve that potential, but we need your help by writing a quick reply below.